Fair And Tender Ladies - Lumiere, The Manhattan Transfer 등


Come all ye fair and tender ladies
Take warning how you board young men
They're like a star on summer mornin'
They'll thirst a fear and then they're gone

They'll tell to you some lovin' story
And they make you think that they love you well
Then away they'll go and court some other
And leave you there in grief to dwell

I wish I was on some tall mountain
Where the ivy rocks are black as ink
I'd write a letter to my lost true lover
Whose cheeks are like the mornin' pink

For love is handsome, love is charming
And love is pretty while it's new
But love grows cold as love grows old
And fades away like the mornin' dew
And fades away like the mornin' dew
And fades away like the mornin' dew

아메리칸 트레디셔널, 아일랜드, 잭슨 브라운, 에릭 슈미트, 로잔느 캐시, 데이브 반 록, 메컴과 크랜시, 마크 엘링턴, 준 카터, 피솔 시스터즈, Lumiere 등 많은 가수들이 리메이크를 한곡이라는데,
겜블시티에서 미자가 살해된후에 백남파를 위로하기 위해서 공대범이 들려주는 노래...

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